Past history

Safe Rubber Company was established in 1985 and was expanded and renamed to RubberKingdom Technology Co., Ltd. in 2005. We have perfect production process and department structure.We have been supplying domestic and international customers various kinds of rubber products since the past. We also offer professional knowledge relating to rubber and design different products for customers.  

Our Quality Control Department has the measuring instruments of the highest precision, including relief valve tester, hardness tester, seal plug tester, high precision hydrometer, and rechargeable battery tester etc. For the production line, we are equipped with the most accurate working machines, including vacuum forming machine, heavy loading injection machine, and cutting machine etc. We have even set up the professional testing station with the purpose of a more complete precision test for products before they leave the factory.


1985: Established the Safe Rubber Company

1990: Established RubberKingdom Enterprise Co., Ltd.
1994: Established the factory in the Asia-Pacific Industrial Zone located in Yong Kang, Tainan, for mold development, formulation design, and production.
1998: Moved the factory to Zong Tou Liao Industrial Zone for expanded production line
2001: Accredited with ISO-9001
2005: Established RubberKingdom Technology Co., Ltd located beside the Southern Taiwan Science Park in An Ding District of Tainan, Taiwan
2009: Certified with TS 16949
2016: Certified with IATF 16949